Visit Saint-Yvi
Visit Saint-Yvi

Visit Saint-Yvi

Saint-Yvi is a lovely little village at the heart of a rolling countryside. Hikers can experience great walks there, particularly along the valley of the Jet, as well as an unusual vantage point called  “Là-Haut” (“Up There”) to admire the landscape all the way from the coast of Trévignon to Quimper!


Trails and chapels

Visiting Saint-Yvi, do not miss its beautiful calvary and its ossuary standing close to Notre-Dame church. At a few kilometers away in the countryside, you will discover the mysterious chapel of Locmaria An Hent. Built on the old breton pilgrimage way called “Tro Breizh”, the chapel is also flanked by a remarkable ossuary.

Hikes in Saint-Yvi

Saint-Yvi is located to the west of Rosporden. Ramblers and cyclists can discover its heritage along its the 45 km of countryside and wooden pathways. 

Vantage point "Là-Haut"

Near Saint-Yvi  stands a nice hill on the top of which lays the hamlet called Là-Haut. Perched at 168 m above sea level, you will discover a large panorama spreading from Trévignon to the Ville Close in Concarneau and even until Quimper’s Cathedral!  When the sky is clear enough, the vantage point offers a splendid view over the Glénan archipelago, on the horizon.