Camping car facilities

On holidays with your camper in Brittany? Find the ideal camper area according to your needs and wishes: sea view spot, electric and water terminals, in a quiet and surrounded by nature setting or at a walking distance from the city centre! You’ll see, you will never want to leave! 

In Concarneau

In Névez

Parking time limited to 24h max (limited parking spaces):

– Saint Nicolas in Port Manec’h (3 pitches)

– Beach of Rospico (5 pitches)

– Corn Loc’h “Tahiti” (12 pitches)

–Harbour of Raguenez (10 pitches)

– Beach of Dourveil (5 pitches)

– Town stadium in the center of the village (20 pitches)

–Place Joseph Danielou, in the center of the village (5 pitches)

– Hamlet of Kerascoët (5 pitches)


In Pont-Aven

Camping and Car Park area “Les Quatre Vents”. All services, all year long. Located in the street Louis Lomenec’h, reservation online.

Parking time limited to 24 hours max. (limited parking spaces):

– Pontic Malo (15 pitches)

– Bel Air (free off-season)

– Bois d’Amour (10 pitches)

– Vallée de Pénanros (5 pitches)

– Kervandalen (5 pitches)

Parking prohibited by the Municipality at  the harbour of Pont-Aven, all year long.

For all the above mentioned parking areas, unpacking is prohibited.

In Trégunc

Parking prohibited along the coastline of Trégunc from 22:00 to 9:00,  except at the car parks specially dedicated to campers. Parking time limited to 24h.


– Ster Greich (6 pitches)

– Kerlaeren (6 pitches)

– Pouldohan (5 pitches)

– Don (8 pitches)

– Porz an Halen (10 pitches)

– Quentel (10 pitches)

In Rosporden

– 8 mai 1945 car park (9 pitches)

– Super U car park (3 pitches and service area)

In Elliant

Free car park with draining service and water access.

– Rue Saint-Gilles