Visit Melgven
Visit Melgven
Outstanding chapels

Visit Melgven

At the gates of Concarneau, Melgven is a nice countryside village. Ideal to spend peaceful holidays at only 10 km away from the sea. 

Hiking in Melgven

The Roman road from the Trinity chapel to the Coat an Poudou chapel (4 km) is a part of the ancient road between Vannes and Quimper. You can follow the old pilgrimage way called “Tro Breizh or travel back in time to the Neolithic with the dolmen of Loch ar Pont or to the Iron Age with the monolith of the Saint Antoine’s chapel. This landscape shaped by the rivers (Aven, Moros and Styval) is a real delight for hikers, bikers and riders. 

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Art and Chapels

Visiting Melgven, you will certainly meet one of its elegant gothic ladies, a beautiful granite chapel… Admire the fine Trinity Chapel and its rare representation of the Compassion of the Father, have a walk to Saint Antoine and discover its monolith from the Iron Age or visit a summer exhibition at the Bonne Nouvelle chapel!