“Edge of Stones” guided tour
“Edge of Stones” guided tour
From quarrymen to Standing Stones

“Edge of Stones” guided tour

With this guided tour in Névez you will discover the fascinating story of stone and granite quarrymen, from the process of extraction to exportation,  as well as the unusual origins of the well known “Standing Stones”, unique in France.

Please note that for the moment all our guided tours are in French.


Kerochet and its quarrymen

The first part of the visit will guide you along the river Aven and on the GR34, in Kerochet.  A small private path will lead you there. An unbelievable stillness reigns over the place, even during the summer! On this part of the GR you will only meet a few hikers walking to Pont-Aven or Port Manec’h. 

On the way, our guide will tell you the story of quarrymen and will show you the marks of their tools left on the blocks of granite. Those are the last signs of the intense activity which reigned in this branch of the Aven. Indeed, over a hundred quarrymen used to work in Kerochet until 1905.

This walk will make you discover the vestiges of this activity: barge carcasses, carved stones, slipways.

It is hard to believe this place being so full of history . If you listen carefully you could maybe still hear the echo of chisels… 

The traditional bread oven of Névez

After the quarrymen’s life it is time to visit to a magical place, nestled among gigantic granite blocks like a treasure: the former bread oven of Kermeun.

Located on a private property, it can only be visited within the frame of this guided tour.

Dating back to the XVth century , it nowadays belongs to the Villemarqué family. Your guide will explain you the baking of the bread this special kind of oven and the particularity of the bread of Névez.

History of the Standing Stones

You will end up your visit by discovering the outside part of our wonderful thatched houses made of Standing Stones. Thatch and Standing Stones will have no more secret for you!

There is still about forty houses built with Standing Stones in Névez and Trégunc. You will for sure have the opportunity to admire some of them while strolling around our villages.