the Glenan islands
the Glenan islands
Prenez le large pour une journée inoubliable dans les caraïbes bretonnes !

the Glenan islands

Get on board for a cruise headed for the Glenan islands ! The Glenan archipelago is located off the coast of Concarneau and is the must-do getaway of your holidays in Brittany. Family trip or day out with your friends to enjoy the sandy beaches and swim in a crystalline water, you will love it ! The Tourist Office can help you choose your cruise company and give you advices to ensure a memorable day. 

Set sail for the Glénan islands

Fine sandy beaches, a crystalline water, a clear blue sky… Imagine yourself, lying on your beach towel with your feet up, being lulled by the soft lapping of the  sea! 

Why you will just love the Glénan

This little Breton paradise, off the coast of Trévignon is a nature reserve designated Natura 2000 with nine main islands and several islets. The largest island of the archipelago (with a 3km² surface area), is called  Saint-Nicolas and your stopover  will be precisely on this island. As you may have understood: no hotels nor shops there. You will find two restaurants and endless nature.

A dream destination for wide-open spaces lovers. We love it  mainly to enjoy the beaches and to swim but not only…


Come between April and June to discover the Glénan’s emblem: the narcissus, a unique flower which blooms only once a year!


Our to-do Top 3

1. On the pathways

Walk around the island (30 minutes) at low tide, when the sandbank is uncovered, to discover the Island of Bananec.

2. Under water

With a diving mask and scuba, explore the seabed and enjoy the limpid water.

3. On the white sand

You can vary your enjoyment by laying your beach towel wherever you want on the vast stretch of white sand and fully thrive the beach. Wonderful holiday pictures guaranteed!

The Pardon of the Glénan

The first Sunday of September, you can attend the Pardon of the Glénan. On the programme: open-air Mass, sea blessing, music, and traditional dances in costume. Great atmosphere and friendliness are assured!

Going to the Glénan : the shipping companies

Several  companies can lead you to the Glénan from Trévignon or Concarneau. 

Discover the archipelago with a commented cruise and make a stopover on the Island Saint-Nicolas!

Glénan Découverte
Glénan Découverte
Croisières Bleues
Croisières Bleues
Vedettes de l’Odet
Vedettes de l’Odet

Tips from the Tourist Office

Booking is highly recommended at least 48 hours in advance.


You want to make a reservation? You can drop by the Tourist Office! We can do it for you!


Bring a picnic! Or if you’d rather have lunch in one of the two restaurants of the island we would advise you to book a table before buying the boat tickets.


Did you think of everything? Swimming suit, beach towel, mask and scuba, camera, sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, bottles of water and parka just in case, you never know…

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