“Ecobalades” : Nature in your smartphone
“Ecobalades” : Nature in your smartphone
Pour découvrir la faune et la flore avec un smartphone

“Ecobalades” : Nature in your smartphone

Ecobalade is a mobile application designed for you to discover the fauna and flora during your strolls in the wild. Downloading a walk on your smartphone will introduce you to  several species (animal and vegetal) that you are likely to see along the paths. 

The EcoBalade app: learn and have fun in the nature

To identify an insect or a bird becomes a piece of cake: a simple and intuitive identification of the insects or plants present in the area makes their recognition easier: let the mobile app guide you into the wild!

Trévignon’s tour

The starting point is located at the Maison du Littoral of Trévignon. The walk follows the coastal path between sea, dunes and ponds. In this protected frame designated as Natura 2000, birdsongs will accompany you all along your walk.

the Hénan's tour

A shady stroll along the Aven river. Beyond this exceptional biodiversity, you will discover some heritage gems: the Hénan’s tidal mill, the miller’s house, The Saint Marguerite’s chapel, the Hénan’s castle and last but not least, the three fountains and their retting pond. 

The Rosporden's circuit

With its three ponds, Rosporden offers an astounding biodiversity. Along the “voie verte” (a walking and cycling path) you will discover and observe many different kind of birds (mallard ducks, grey herons…) but also other little creatures such as pretty dragonflies!

A few words from the application designer

The « ecobalade » Apps does only exist in French but is very simple to use: it might also be a playful way for you and your family to learn names of birds and insects in French!


Cyril Gautreau - Ecobalade supervisor

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