The Bois d’Amour
The Bois d’Amour
Haut lieu d'inspiration, un bois légendaire

The Bois d’Amour

The Bois d’Amour, or “Wood of Love” is located on the heights of Pont-Aven. This lovely walk among the trees and along the river used to be a hotspot of inspiration for the artists staying in Pont-Aven. Nowadays, this out of time place offers a nice walk in the nature, right by the city center.

The lovely Bois d’Amour, right by the city center

Bordering the river Aven, this romantic groove is located right by the city center and is one of the loveliest places of Pont-Aven. It is a private property which belongs to the Villemarqué family. 

From the city center (rue du Général de Gaulle) a small path going along of the river bank will get you to the woods. From the Xavier Grall Promenade (at the corner of the Biscuiterie Penven), the walk follows the rue du Bois d’Amour to reach this adorable undergrowth, famous for having been a source of inspiration for many artists. 


A l’ombre du bois le site semble complètement hors du temps, vous entendez le clapotis de l’eau… voyez filer un poisson entre les chaos…

The soul would be carried by sorrow in this quiet place if a ray of sun piercing through the thick foliage would not give a feeling of divine hope.

Paul Gauguin

A place of artistic creation

The Bois d’Amour, choosen many times as a subject by artists takes an important place in the history of painting in Pont-Aven.

The “Talisman” is the result of Paul Gauguin’s famous “lesson” to Paul Sérusier, a part that took place at the heart of the woods and has marked its history for ever.

“Tell me the Talisman” guided tour in Pont-Aven
“Tell me the Talisman” guided tour in Pont-Aven

The Bois d’Amour, where all the painters from the Pont-Aven community liked to come, seduced by the stillness of the place, the beauty of these venerables trees, the richness of the reflexions constantly disturbed by the flow of the river colliding with the granitic rocks, and the clouds sweping and shading the light according to the wind.


Why is the Bois d’Amour so inspiring?

The beauty of the place arises of course from the trees and the light which changing over the seasons.

The Bois d’Amour also lives thanks to its legend and to the tumultuous life that secretly took place there…