Sunset at Trévignon
Sunset at Trévignon
Ici, le soleil tombe dans l’eau !

Sunset at Trévignon

The sunset at Trévignon is a magical, out of time moment. Enjoy it from the beach or from the terrace of a bar or restaurant in the harbour.

At Thévignon, the sun dives in the ocean!

Sit down at early evening on the beaches of the Pointe de Trévignon to admire the sun diving into the waterMagical and ephemeral!


Trévignon, the best spot to gaze at sunset!

You may have already seen a plethora of sunsets with your family, a lover or alone. However, this time will be different… Imagine: in front of you, the ocean laying as far as the eye can see, the round granit rocks of Trévignon, the Glénan archipelago offshore, and of course, the great golden sphere slowly and majestically merging with the horizon, turning the sea into liquid gold. And for a few seconds you might even see the famous green ray… fantasy or reality?  

If you don’t like sitting in the sand, a few restaurants and cafés also have well oriented terraces where you can always opt for an aperitif on the terrace of the “Noroit” (french name of the  north-west wind). You can then head for one of the neighbouring restaurants: the Mervent or the Marinière, which both face the ocean. 

The show is spectacular and every night the light and setting are different!


An ephemeral and magical moment to wonder at the beauty of nature: simple, free and peaceful.