Your holiday in Trégunc
Your holiday in Trégunc

Your holiday in Trégunc

Holidays in Tregunc are synonym of naps on the beach, swim in crystalline water and hikes out in the country! On one side: the Pointe de Trévignon and its fishing harbour, and on the other side: Pouldohan and its paths beneath the shady maritime pines, folkloric events all summer long, breton dances, fest noz and fishing celebrations called “poissonnade”! A real summary of Brittany! 

Beaches of Tregunc

Beaches to suit all tastes: sandy beaches, coves, dunes, cliffs… Everyone will find one to their taste! 


Beaches of Brittany
Beaches of Brittany

Trégunc, land of Stones and Legends

A protected nature

For nature, fauna and flora lovers, the ornithological reserve of the dunes and ponds of Trévignon is a site of 700 hectares spreading over 7 kilometers. Only the croak of a frog or the flight of a northern shoveller could disturb the tranquility of the unique site.

To get the best of it, let a special guide lead you through this incredible biodiversity. 

Hiking in Trégunc

A walk on the GR34 (former Custom officers path)  in Trégunc is a must. It is not a coincidence if it has been elected “French people’s favourite path”: 23 kilometers of coastal trail where the fragrance of gorse and broom blend together. A palette of colours spreading ahead: turquoise water of the coves, deep blue of the sea,  dark green of the maritime pines and  gold of the dunes… And everywhere, hydrangeas, camelias and rhododendrons, a real rainbow! 



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