Festival Jazz’y Krampouezh
Festival Jazz’y Krampouezh

Festival Jazz’y Krampouezh

The Aven-Belon Jazz festival “Jazz’y Krampouezh” is famous for combining Jazz music and Breton gastronomy. Located at the heart of the Gardens of Rospico, this festival offers a high quality program together with crêpes, Belon oysters and Breton cider! All the facets of Jazz music are performed, from traditional to contemporary: Rock, Pop, Groove, Blues, Funk or improv. 

The Gardens of Rospico

The Gardens of Rospico

The stage, with a view on the garden

The stage, with a view on the garden


Jazz within the Gardens of Rospico

The festival takes place in the greenhouses of the Gardens of Rospico, a former botanical garden which closed in 2012 and has been completely renovated and is now rented out for weddings or special events. 

It is the ideal place for a jazz festival. The greenhouses are the perfect place to get dinner and enjoy the evening’s first concert while being sheltered in case of bad weather,  and the concert hall housing the second concert is very comfortable. An exhibition of contemporary art is simultaneously held in another part of the greenhouses, within the plants. 


Free opening concert: let's eat in music

The first part of the evening is dedicated to food testing of local specialties: Belon’s oysters, crêpes, Breton buckwheat tabbouleh, homemade ice cream from the Chocolaterie de Pont-Aven… While enjoying a free concert. This first part is open to everyone, even for those who don’t have a ticket for the headliner. It is an ideal moment for families with young children as they can get crêpes and ice cream and enjoy the music at the same time without having to remain on their chair. There is plenty of space to run in the gardens and even playgrounds just for them!

Children with sparkles in their eyes

Is it because of the music or of the crêpe with butter? Anyhow the first part of the evening is ideal for families as children can enjoy the music, run in the gardens and enjoy the playgrounds.


Second part: every evening a new headliner

Every year, the program of the festival will make you discover some great artists.  All kind of Jazz is performed:  Rock, Pop, Groove, Blues, Funk, Gypsy Jazz, Latino…

Concerts are restricted to 300 places and are therefore often sold out.

“The strength of this festival is its intimate atmosphere, conductive to listening and exchanges”

Jean-Marc Omé, directeur du festival Jazz’y Krampouezh

The most eco-friendly Jazz festival

Thanks to its volunteers, the festival pays a particular attention to the protection of the environment: plastic cups and plates have been banned in favour of real dishes and reusable cups. So much better to enjoy the local products which have also been carefully chosen to enhance the local distribution network.

Even the oyster shells are recycled: the volunteers drop them off in the Morbihan where they are ground and reused in ecological coatings.