The Fleurs d’Ajonc festival
The Fleurs d’Ajonc festival
Des costumes et du folklore

The Fleurs d’Ajonc festival

The Fleurs d’Ajonc Festival is a traditional Breton festival, reknown for its celebration costume, typical of the Aven. Program: breton culture, music, dance, traditional parade and crowning of the Queen of the Fleurs d’Ajonc. 

Brittany's oldest folkloric celebration

Did you know that the Fleurs d’Ajoncs Festival in Pont-Aven is the oldest folkloric festival in Brittany? Théodore Botrel created this event the first Sunday of August 1905.

His aim? Erase the poverty of the country! The profits of the festival were redistributed to the poorest. The first year of the festival already attracted over 10 000 persons, thrilled by the costumes, dances, Breton bagpipe and bombarde songs. Ever since, every year, on the first Sunday of August, you can attend this historical and one-of-a-kind festival! 

Traditional Breton celebrations

There is always a celebration somewhere in Brittany! Local celebrations, religious “pardons” or well-known festivals such as the Festival de Cornouaille in Quimper, the Filets Bleus in Concarneau or the Festival Interceltique in Lorient. These fests are the opportunity to flaunt proudly the specificities of our folklore! 

Program of the Festival

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The Queen of the Fleurs d'Ajonc

The candidates are elected in spring and crowned during the festival. To have the chance to become queen of the fleurs d’ajonc, one must be between 17 and 20 years old and live in Pont-Aven, Névez or Riec-sur-Belon (or have close family living there).