The oysters of the Bélon
The oysters of the Bélon

The oysters of the Bélon

The oysters of the Bélon get their reputation from their unique hazelnut flavour, result of the mix of freshwater and seawater. You can taste them in restaurants or directly at the producer’s. A delicate, fine and healthy dish, to be enjoyed without reserve! 

The flat oyster of the Bélon: an exceptional oyster

The oyster of the Bélon has a round shape and a firm flesh with brown or grey shades. 

The particular mixture of freshwater and seawater gives to the flat oyster of the Bélon its well-known hazelnut flavour. In less than ten years the oyster of the Bélon has replaced the flat oysters of Ostende (Belgium) on the tables of the best parisian restaurants.

It is mostly eaten raw to keep its unique flavour.

The hollow oyster of the Bélon

The hollow oyster is matured in the Bélon and also benefits from the mixture of freshwater and seawater enriched with mineral salts. This gives to the oyster a particular flavour, a delight for gourmets.

Tasting advice

“This quality product deserves to be eaten plain with a small pinch of pepper to enhance all the flavours. To accompany it you need a brisk and dry wine, not too flavoured in order not to break the flavour of the oyster.”

Gwénaëlle Cadoret

Best places to taste the oysters of the Bélon

A family restaurant

Benjamin Cadoret is the first oyster farmer who discovered and exploited the oyster deposit of the Bélon. Five generations later and after having opened two restaurants in Paris, Gwénaëlle Cadoret opened the Bistrot de L’écailler in order to offer oysters, langoustines and other seafood, right where they come from.

The terrace overlooking the Aven

An exceptional setting: a terrace with a view over the mouth of the Aven.  Come and taste oysters or a platter of seafood by Laurent Publier Ostréiculteur.


The producer of Port Bélon

Created in 1864 by Auguste de Solminihac on the river Bélon, the Huitrière du Château de Bélon perpetuate the long maturing tradition. On the spot, the producer suggests a tasting down by the river.